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Capital Metabolic Clinic is proud to partner with Allurion to be the sole regional provider and offer patients our gastric balloon program as a safe, non-surgical treatment option for weight loss of 10 to 15% of their total body weight, either standalone or as a step towards weight loss surgery. Gastric balloons are used widely to provide more substantial and sustained weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

What is the Allurion gastric balloon?

The Allurion gastric balloon is a relatively new approach to weight loss and treatment of obesity, as an alternative option for patients who may not qualify for gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery[1] , or those looking for a non-surgical program.

The Allurion gastric balloon is a fantastic option as an alternative weight loss method, because it does not require surgery, endoscopy,* or anaesthesia. Yet, the Allurion program will help you embrace healthier eating habits.

About Dr Calista Spiro - Capital Metabolic Clinic

Dr Calista Spiro

Bariatric surgeon Canberra

The Allurion gastric balloon program offers a few benefits that are unique compared to other weight loss methods:

  • Surgery is not required, nor endoscopy* and anaesthesia.
  • No risks associated with surgery, endoscopy and anaesthesia.
  • No recovery time – no hospital admission required

During the appointment, Dr Spiro will guide you in swallowing a small capsule that is attached to a thin tube (catheter) for easy placement. We will take an X-ray to confirm it is in the correct position, then the balloon is filled with 550ml of water through the catheter. A second X-ray ensures the filling is complete, and after that the catheter is gently removed from your mouth.

The Allurion balloon remains in your stomach for approximately 16 weeks and then naturally passes through your digestive system due to a proprietary technology that allows the balloon to deflate and move through the digestive tract to expel naturally. Watch the short video explaining the ‘360 degree’ Allurion Program.

How much weight will I lose with a gastric balloon?

The balloon allows weight loss by causing a feeling of fullness or satiety by occupying space in the stomach and slowing the passage of food to the intestine. While the balloon itself is temporary, our holistic approach will help you maintain your weight through a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food long term.

People lose an average of 10-15% of their body weight in about 16 weeks and maintain up to 95% of this weight loss at a 1 year follow-up1.
Patients can also opt for our 12 month program, with a follow-up Allurion balloon, with average weight-loss of 22.8%1 of total body weight. Our clinic can also offer additional medical weight loss and diet programs tailored to your lifestyle and personal weight loss goals.

The aim is to kickstart sustained lifestyle changes to help you reach your target weight loss and then to keep the weight off.

About Dr Emily Lewis - Capital Metabolic Clinic

Dr Emily Lewis

Dietitian Canberra Metabolic Clinic

Our Allurion Program Inclusions and Costs

For all our treatment options at Capital Metabolic Clinic, our team are with you every step of the way, and the Allurion program is no exception. A six-month multi-disciplinary program is essential to help you achieve your weight loss goals. While the procedure is reversible and impermanent, the results can be sustained for years after.

Before commencing the program, an initial appointment with Dr Calista Spiro is required ($350 with a medicare rebate of $80.85, if you have a GP referral).

The cost of the 6 months program is $6,700 and includes:

Allurion Package and Placement

  • Balloon placement by Doctor Calista Spiro (Upper GI Surgeon) under x-ray guidance
  • Allurion Balloon device package including digital scales, smartwatch & app
  • Allurion Stylet
  • A review appointment by Dr Spiro at 6 months (or as required)

Pharmacist support program

  • Pre-placement medication review and 24-hour support to manage any symptoms immediately after your placement
  • Liaison with your regular GP and treating specialists

Dietitian program

  • 6 appointments during the program, every 2-4 weeks with a dietitian to assist with progression through appropriate dietary stages

Psychological program

  • An initial appointment at pre-placement to assist with the psychological factors that play an important role in eating and weight and help develop skills and thinking that will benefit you in the long term.
  • A post-placement follow-up and psychological questionnaires along the way to track your progress.

Who is a candidate for the Allurion gastric balloon?

So, are you ready for a change?

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