Everything you need to know about gastric bypass and its impact on losing excess weight.

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The team at Capital Metabolic Clinic offers ongoing support, before, during and after gastric bypass surgery. 1 year post-surgery, you may have lost about 70% to 100% of your excess weight but it requires changing lifestyle habits and adopting sustainable health practices. Are you ready for change?

Quick facts about gastric bypass

  • A gastric bypass is a surgical weight loss procedure and it consists of creating a new pouch from your stomach and attaching it to your small bowel.
  • To be eligible for bariatric surgery, you need to have a BMI higher than 35, or a BMI higher than 30 with more than one associated metabolic condition.
  • You will be on a post-operative diet, and it will take up to 4 to 6 weeks before you can eat solids again. You will eat much smaller portions, spread across more frequent small meals.
  • 1 year after surgery, you may have lost about 70% to 100% of your excess weight, depending on the type of gastric bypass.
Gastric bypass surgery is a safe and accepted method of weight loss surgery. The staff at Capital Metabolic Clinic are experienced in managing and supporting patients who have undergone primary or revision gastric bypass surgery. I want my patients to have the best available care after weight loss surgery.
Dr Calista Spiro

Dr Calista Spiro

Bariatric surgeon Canberra

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Why is gastric bypass not the commonest type of weight loss surgery?

The sleeve gastrectomy accounts for 70 to 80% of all weight loss procedures in Australia as reported by the Bariatric Surgery Registry in 2020. In contrast, gastric bypass surgeries are performed in 15 to 20% of cases.

Bariatric surgery as a discipline is relatively new to Australia. Training for bariatric surgery is provided by centers accredited by ANZMOSS, which provide the basis for bariatric practice that is safe and holistic.

I have been very fortunate to have trained in an ANZMOSS accredited, highvolume, bariatric centre for two years and am comfortable performing gastric bypass and revision procedures. When discussing your surgical options, we will consider the best options  based on current evidence and guidelines.

Dr Calista Spiro

Dr Calista Spiro

Gastric bypass surgeon Canberra

Large volume studies have demonstrated that gastric bypass has better long-term weight loss outcomes than the sleeve gastrectomy, and research continues into the mechanisms and science behind this. 

A vast effect on metabolic hormones is modulated by the gastric bypass, which has been shown to persist in blood test results from patients who are ten years post procedure.

This enduring metabolic shift is not seen in sleeve gastrectomy patients past 18 months, which is why diabetes remission in these patients is contingent on t weight loss. Greater metabolic effects independent of weight loss are seen in metabolicconditions in gastric bypass patients.
Dr Calista Spiro

Dr Calista Spiro

Gastric bypass surgeon Canberra

Am I a candidate?

If you have a BMI over 30, with a medical illness related to excess weight, you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. If your BMI is higher than 35, you are also eligible for weight loss surgery. These BMI limits have recently been changed by the ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) in 2022.

Whether you will have a gastric sleeve surgery or a gastric bypass will depend on your personal choices, medical conditions and objectives.

The multi-disciplinary team collectively makes the recommendation for surgery based on medical, personal, and psychological factors to ensure an sustainable and meaningful result.

We believe that you should be empowered to make your own decision about your surgery and know that patient safety is our priority. Our team will take a holistic approach and guide you through the process of education and assessment to match the appropriate surgery to your medical profile. 

I am eligible from a BMI perspective. What’s next?

The weight loss surgeon will first assess you after which you will meet the bariatrician, the psychologist and the dietitian. Whether you are a candidate for bariatric surgery depends on multiple factors, not just your BMI. 

Psychological preparation for surgery helps you maximise the benefits of the intervention that you choose, assisting you to adjust well, and find a long term sustainable relationship with food and your body.
Chris Thompson

Mr Chris Thompson

Psychologist Capital Metabolic Clinic

Once you have been consented and surgery is booked, our dietitians will guide you througha Very Low Energy Diet, abbreviated as VLED. It is a pre-operative diet based on calorie restriction to enable safe manipulation of your liver during surgery. It often includes dietary products such as soups, shakes and protein bars. Everyone is different, and our dietitians will ensure you are getting an individualised amount of protein and calories before surgery.
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Ongoing support: before, during and after surgery

Capital Metabolic Clinic is the only practice in Canberra that offers the program in the private hospital setting. Suitable patients can participate in the ERABS program and can be discharged safely within 24 hours after surgery. This has been shown to be the standard of care for all patients undergoing major surgery. 

Dr Calista Spiro

Dr Calista Spiro

Bariatric surgeon Canberra

The enhanced recovery after bariatric surgery protocol is scientifically published and peer-reviewed by other health professionals who are part of the ERAS society. 

You will receive handouts and prescriptions to participate in this protocol, and be able to attend education sessions with our pharmacists. The protocol is continued in the hospital from when you are admitted for surgery to the time of discharge.

Once you have had weight loss surgery, you will need to take daily multivitamins for the rest of your life. 

We can help you find a long term dietary pattern that is sustainable, enjoyable and suits your body and health goals. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not about restriction or strict diets, it is about eating in abundance a wide variety of fresh whole foods from all of the core food groups
Sarah White, dietititan Canberra

Sarah White

Dietitian Canberra Metabolic Clinic

Additional Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation are often required as bariatric surgery reduces the reabsorption of Calcium in the kidneys. In patients with osteoporosis, osteopaenia or menopause, bone health is especially important to maintain. 

Diet after surgery

After surgery, your diet will look like this: 

  • Week 1-2: fluid diet phase
  • Week 3-4: puree diet phase
  • Week 5-8: soft diet phase
  • After week 8: diet as tolerated.

Our dietitian will explain this new regime in the weeks or months before your surgery, giving you time to begin changing your routines. Frequent small meals are important. In the first three to six months, the typical volumes you would eat are ¼ to ½ cup. Our dietitians are here to support you as you transition through the different diet phases.

So, are you ready for a change?

Making a decision for surgery is not taking the easy way out of managing obesity. Gastric bypass surgery is very effective and confers a large amount of excess weight loss. Despite being a very effective treatment option, our patients need to be ready to make necessary changes in order to succeed in the long-term. 

There needs to be a willingness to change your lifestyle habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Capitalising on the rapid weight loss in the early postoperative period is the best advice I can offer you. Obesity surgery outcomes are maintained by a healthy lifestyle which can change your health and life. 

Dr Calista Spiro

Dr Calisto Spiro

Bariatric surgeon Canberra

The magnitude of weight loss and effects on weight-related medical issues is unmatched by conventional and medical weight loss. 

So, are you ready for a change? The team at Capital Metabolic Clinic looks forward to supporting you on your weight loss journey.

Ready for change?

capital metabolic clinic - ready for change?